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The Parish Council has been advised that the operator of the 33/33A bus service will change, from Z & S to Red Rose Travel with effect from Monday 30 October.  We are advised that there are 'no significant changes to the timetable' which is available here.

Red Rose Travel are based in Aylesbury and currently provide bus services in Hertfordshire and MK; looking at their website http://www.redrosetravel.com, they already run similar buses to those on the 33 / 33A route so we presume that there will also be no significant change to the size of the bus.

If you do have any questions, please address them to John Ellerby, Principal Rail and Bus Development Officer at Northants County Council Highways, e-mail JEllerby@kierwsp.co.uk or phone (direct dial) 01604 364344, not the Parish Council.

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