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South Northamptonshire Council has published the final version of the Part 2 Local Plan Draft Submission

You can view the documents here:
South Northants Consultations
and hard copies are available to view at libraries.

Neighbourhood Plan

We are now past the formal “Regulation 14” stage, where all feedback from residents and others has been incorporated into the Draft Plan.

The Plan is now at the “Regulation 16” stage, where the Plan is submitted to SNC for their approval.

Regulation 16 Draft Plan
Strategic Environmental Assessment

are viewable on the Supporting Documents page, as well as via the buttons above.

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14th August 2019 at 6.45pm:

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Agenda -  

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This page contains details of the Council’s current policies and procedures together with information that is required to be displayed by current legislation and the Transparency Code. Further details are available from the Clerk.

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